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servicing in Dunedin

  • Commercial appliance parts and service
  • Commercial stove repair
  • Catering equipment servicing and maintenance
  • Throughout Dunedin and Otago

We are the market leader for commercial and catering equipment servicing in Dunedin 

Between Laurie and Neil, Ashworth Electrical has more than 60 years of commercial electrical expertise. Since 2013, we have developed into a market leading Dunedin-based commercial electrician specialising in maintaining and servicing commercial catering equipment. We are trusted 100% by local Dunedin and Otago clients. 

Ashworth Electrical is proud to be the authorised service suppliers for: 

  • J L Lennard Food Equipment Services
  • Taylor Food Equipment
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Burns & Ferrall
  • Soft serve machines 

Whether you need commercial appliance parts or are looking for expert commercial appliance servicing contact Dunedin-based Ashworth Electrical with your enquiry by leaving your details on the online form. Whether you are based in Dunedin or further out in the Otago region, your enquiry matters and you will be contacted within one business day. 

Ashworth Electrical supplies commercial appliance parts and service to multiple companies 

Ashworth Electrical receives positive testimonials from Dunedin based companies they come into contact with. Ashworth Electrical supplies parts and service for:  

  • Moffat Equipment
  • Starline
  • Taylor
  • Frankie Evolution Coffee machines
  • Electrolux cooking equipment
  • Burns & Ferrall

Whether you need commercial appliance parts or are looking for expert Otago businesses receive expert catering equipment maintenance including commercial stove repair throughout DunedinTour company can benefit from the comprehensive services Ashworth Electrical offers. Besides catering equipment maintenance, Ashworth Electrical also undertakes commercial stove repair and commercial appliance repairs throughout Dunedin. Contact Dunedin-based Ashworth Electrical for all commercial electrical services throughout Otago. Simply outline your enquiry on the online form and you will be contacted within one business day. However, if you require the urgent services of an emergency electrician in Dunedin please ring us directly and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.


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